DELIRA: a multi-purpose 1D hydrodynamics code

The work on the DELIRA code was started with a far reaching two-fold goal

The algorithm for solving the 1D equations of single-fluid two-temperature (2T) hydrodynamics is supposed to be fully inherited from the DEIRA code. The final product is envisaged as a multi-purpose 1D Lagrangian DELIRA code for simulating a broad spectrum of physical problems where fluid dynamics plays a key role.

Posted here is the latest (as of March 14, 2021) stable version 2021.03 of the DELIRA code In this version the code architecture has been upgraded only in what concerns memory allocation and selection of different options for the equation of state (EOS); a new EOS option, based on the approximation of "phase-flip" hydrodynamics, has been added for simulating hydrodynamic flows with a liquid-gas phase transition and deep penetration into the domain of metastable states. A relatively complete report on this latest version can be downloaded from here .

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