LHD1: a fully conservative 1D-1T Lagrangian hydrodynamics code

The work on the LHD1 code has been started in 2021 as an effort to improve the principal numerical method on which the earlier 1D-3T DEIRA code was based. On the one hand, the three-temperature (3T) model of DEIRA was abandoned in favor of a more simple one-temperature (1T) hydrodynamics because a separate ion temperature is hardly ever needed (except where an intense thermonuclear burn develops), while for the radiative processes a more sophisticated approach based on solving the spectral transfer equation is envisaged. On the other hand, the purely Lagrangian scheme of the DEIRA code has been elaborated to obey strict energy conservation for an arbitrary equation of state (EOS) and, at the same time, to ensure a practically negligible spurious entropy generation in adiabatic flows.

For the equation of state, apart from several preprogrammed analytic models, a universal advanced tabular version has been overtaken from the 2D RALEF code, which includes an option for the Maxwell construction in the two-phase region for any EOS with van-der-Waals loops.

The latest FORTRAN-90 version of the LHD1 source code and its documentation can be downloaded as the LHD1.7z file.

Copyright © 2024 Mikhail Basko

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Originally composed: 2023.06.24
Last update: 2023.06.24